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The Change Jigsaw™ automatically comes with 10 hours of support. Once that support is used up, customers can opt to purchase blocks of support or simply buy support ad-hoc as they need it. These support products can be used for any purpose.

Customers who need more specific help can purchase support from our Support Menu which addresses very specific needs.

Included with Sale

Purchased Support

Support Menu Options

Each purchase of The Change Jigsaw™ comes with 10 hours of support. 

Available in blocks of 5 hours, clients can purchase blocks of support once the ‘Included with Sale’ support has been used up.

For those who need help with specific tasks – if you need help to write your strategy or hold an extra training session, for example. Items are individually priced.

General Support Information

There are two different types of support request: Process based requests or product based requests. Process based requests are normally ones where clients need some advice or guidance such as “how do we do this” or “could you just explain…”. Product Based requests are where clients may ask us to either help them compile a particular document or ask us to review it for them.

The core thrust of The Change Jigsaw™ is to make you self-sufficient and our support process is no different. We will support you to solve your own problems (other than straightforward clarifications) with the aim of ensuring you know how to find the support and advice you need within The Change Jigsaw™. We will always give you the support you need without fail. We want you to reach a stage where you no longer need our support to use the product.

Our support is only provided by the individuals who have designed, written and produced The Change Jigsaw™ and therefore know it inside out.

How to access support - For subscribers only

Subscribers can request support by completing the support form below. Non subscribers with queries can use our contact form here