The Change Jigsaw

A revolution in change and transformation management delivery

“Given the impact of austerity and the ever-present pressure on budgets, and taking into account your guarantee that it will save us money, it would be irresponsible of me not to at least invite you in for a chat”

What is The Change Jigsaw?

It is a simple tool which ensures you achieve three things from your projects:

  1. All project outcomes are universally adopted and embedded
  2. All benefits/ outcomes are delivered and empirically evidenced
  3. You invest in your organisation – not someone else’s!

But it does so much more than just that. Drop us a line in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll come and show you how it could transform your organisation

What makes this unique?

Unlike all other methodologies that tell you what to do but don’t tell you how to do it, The Change Jigsaw provides an end-to-end approach with all the necessary tools, documents, accelerators and templates to enable your organisation  to become self-sufficient and confident in delivering business change.

Once purchased, the templates belong to your organisation to develop and tailor for your projects. Modules support all recognised transformation approaches (MSP, Prince, Kotter etc). The focus is firmly set on enabling project benefits and ensuring your organisation is ready to receive project impact and outcomes.

Saves you money

The Change Jigsaw will pay for itself in 6 months.

Finally! A change management method that actually delivers

A simple easy-to-use method that:

  • Ensures benefits are delivered and evidenced
  • Pays for itself in 6 months
  • Develops and upskills your staff
  • Ensures project outputs are adopted across your organisation
  • Has been tried, tested and proved in more than 120 projects delivering more than £2.5 Billion in benefits
  • Is so easy to use it turns managing change into a process of ‘joining the dots’ 

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The Change Jigsaw

A revolution in change and transformation management and delivery