The Change Jigsaw Folder Structure

A step-by-step modular approach

Each folder has all the tools, templates, guidance notes and examples to help you complete your project. It has guidance documents and checklists to help you make sure you are getting through all the necessary tasks and it has helpful overviews for each module that helps you to understand the purpose and outcomes of the module ‘at a glance’.

The full list of The Change Jigsaw™ documents can be found here

This is your starting point. All the materials from the Induction Course, guidance on how to use The Change Jigsaw™; advice and guidance on Governance, Project Management, project controls, project control samples and examples, project sizing tools, general notes and guidance are all in here.

No project succeeds without adequate preparation. Here you will find the Transformation Lead Induction, and everything to make sure your Change Leader understands how to use The Change Jigsaw™ and knows what their role is.

Get everything off to the right start – Everything you need to get commitment to your project and get it kicked off in the right manner is in this folder. The activities here make sure you have strong foundations.

Identify all your stakeholders and make sure your communications strategy and plan meets their needs – and the needs of your project. Every document, every template, every planning tools you need are all in here.

The beating heart of any project – the core data that you will use to identify who is affected, how they are affected, who needs training, what the relative costs are and and so much more – the absolute basis of all the benefit calculations. 

There is no project you will ever undertake that will not lead to some changes to business processes or activities. Based on Lean System Thinking, the contents of this folder help you plan and execute all the BPR activity.

The bit that most projects overlook. You can run the most effective and efficient project imaginable – but if you have not made sure that your organisation has prepared itself, then all your effort will be wasted. The contents here make sure that cannot happen.

Fundamental to any project and linked closely to Business Readiness. How do  you create a training strategy, how do you run a Train The Trainer sessions, how do you manage training sessions, how do you design a training course – it’s all in here.

The reason we started this off – the proactive and detailed process which ensures we have identified and are managing the realisation of the benefits and outcomes we predicted in our business case. Fundamental and critical and all explained and made easy in here

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