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Why does it work?

We’ve all heard it said – change is scarey. Something stressful that disrupts our lives and it’s so difficult to deliver. There are so many things that need to be done, in the right order with the right people – while always keeping the focus on delivering the outcomes and benefits. You know that it will be  worth it in the end – but the process of getting there is just so terrifying…

Or is it?

Imagine if you had your own personal helper not only explaining what to do, but when to do it – and most importantly actually showing you how to do it! And what’s more – they give you every single tool, document and item you will ever need to make it all happen smoothly.

The Change Jigsaw™ works because it simplifies the entire change/ transformation process into a logical series of easy-to-follow steps. A logical sequence of activity that arrives at the destination of realised -and optimised – benefits. To put it simply, take your business case, and The Change Jigsaw™ will guide you through all the way through to ensure successful outcomes. No confusing high level strategies that leave everyone a bit bewildered. Just a step-by-step approach that anyone can follow.

Our view is that instructional aids are useless unless they are given context and come with a really clear set of guides, examples, templates and guidance notes showing you how how to achieve the outcomes you want.

We use a modular approach which deals with each of the key stages in any change or transformation program. Each module follows a simple, and most importantly, a repeatable process which guides you through each stage so you can execute all of the tasks easily and confidently. The repeatable process means that after conducting just a couple of the activities, you become familiar with how the tool works and become confident in using it. Each module folder has all of the guidance documents and templates you need to complete all of the tasks and need no further adaptation apart from applying your own branding and corporate standards.

Each module clearly lists the tasks that need to be done and each tasks starts with an Activity Guide which explains in detail what needs to be done and how to do it. In some cases, it even suggests the commentary that should be used in the presentations. All the slidepacks that you need for the presentations are within the folders and an easy to use Activity Checklist makes sure you complete each step in the right order.

We use everyday language and no technical jargon. To slightly change an Albert Einstein quote: If we can’t explain it simply enough, you won’t understand it well enough. So we use simple language and an easy-to-use approach.

It's really simple...

We utilise a repeatable approach which means that after doing a couple of activities, you become comfortable with the approach and feel familiar and confident with the methodology.

The documents are written on the assumption that the reader knows nothing about running a change management project so it can be used by anyone, whether they have change management experience or not.

Many organisations will value the ability to construct your own corporate change management structure instead of having to rely on a generic structure from an external consulting company which doesn’t really meet your needs.

We follow a very simple process:

Get ready...

Your journey starts in Module 1 – Introduction to the Change Jigsaw. As well as all the materials from your training course, this contains all the advice and guidance around Governance, Project Controls, how to establish your project properly, and most importantly, how to use The Change Jigsaw. Every single document and template – plus all the step-by-step guidance you need – to give your project the strongest of foundations.

Get Set...

You’ve established your foundation and now we give your Transformation Manager all the information he or she needs to execute their role. Again, all the douments you need to understand the role, understand what to do and when to do it and again, detailed step-by-step instructions on how to manage the perfect chnage management project.

Go !

You can move easily straight into delivering the actions and activities in the folders which guide you through the entire process. 

Start by reading the Module Overview and then the Activity Guide and then reviewing all documents to understand how they fit together – just like a jigsaw. Then use all the templates, examples and support mechanisms to help you easily manage each task and activity – using the Activity Checklist to make sure you are doing everything at the right time and in the right order. It is benefits delivered in a simple easy-to-follow process.

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