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We seek to constantly improve The Change Jigsaw and therefore the documents that we use to deliver our outcomes are always being revised, improved and updated. 

Module NameSub Module NameDocument ReferenceDocument Name
Module 1 - Introduction to The Change Jigsaw
1.0: Introduction Documents Change Jigsaw Introduction Pack Change Jigsaw Assumptions Sizing to Use the Change Jigsaw
1.1: Project Management and Controls Charter Example and Issue Log Report
1.2: Pre-Project Preparation Activities Preparation Requirements and Guidance Activity Preparation Check List Resource Competency Matrix Transformation Resource Activity Matrix
1.3: Project Plan Guidance and Examples Plan Guidance Level Transformation Plan Transformation Plan
Module 2 - Transformation Manager Induction
2.0: Transformation Team Manager Induction Manager Guidance Document Strategy Team Members Roles and Responsibilities Introduction to Meeting and Workshop Facilitation Look Ahead Workbook Activities Schedule Introduction to Lessons Learned
2.1: Transformation Team Meeting Team Meeting Activity Check List Team Meeting Invitation Team Meeting Agenda Team Meeting Minutes Team Meeting Activity Guide Team Meeting Lessons Learned Team Meeting Ethical Consulting Feedback
Module 3 - Visioning and Launch Events
3.1: Visioning Event of Module Event Activity Check List Sponsor Visioning Briefing Invitation Sponsor Visioning Briefing Presentation Event Invitation Event Pre Read Presentation Event Review Meeting Invitation Methodology Endorsement Document Event Activity Guide Event Lessons Learned Event Ethical Consulting Feedback
3.2: Project Launch Launch Activity Check List Launch Invitation Launch Pre Read Launch Presentation Launch Review Meeting Invitation Launch Activity Guide Launch Lessons Learned Launch Ethical Consulting Feedback
3.3: Transformation Team Launch Team Launch Activity Check List Team Launch Invitation Team Launch Pre Read Team Launch Presentation Team and Business Change Manager Guide Matrix Team Launch Activity Guide Team Launch Lessons Learnt Team Launch Ethical Consulting Feedback
3.4: Benefits Dependency Network Dependency Network Activity Check List Dependency Network Meeting Invitation Dependency Network Meeting Pre Read Dependency Network Presentation Dependency Network Workbook Dependency Network Template Dependency Network Activity Guide Dependency Network Lessons Learn Dependency Network Ethical Consulting Feedback
Module 4 - Stakeholder and Communication of Module Introduction to Stakeholder Management
4.1: Stakeholder Analysis Analysis Activity Check List Analysis Invitation Analysis Pre Read Analysis Presentation Analysis Map Stakeholder Profile Analysis Activity Guide Analysis Lessons Learned Analysis Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.2: Management Communication Meetings Communication Activity Check List Communication Meeting Invitation Communication Meeting Minutes Communication Meeting Activity Guide Communication Meeting Lessons Learned Communication Meeting Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.3: Communication Strategy Strategy Activity Check List Strategy Workshop Invitation Strategy Workshop Pre Read Strategy Workshop Presentation Strategy Pro's and Con's Plan Week by Week Schedule Strategy Activity Guide Strategy Lessons Learned Strategy Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.4: Stakeholder Engagement Review Engagement Review Activity Check List Engagement Review Meeting Invitation Engagement Review Meeting Record Engagement Review Activity Guide Engagement Review Lessons Learned Engagement Review Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.5: Communication Effectiveness Effectiveness Activity Check List Effectiveness Survey Questionnaire Effectiveness Analysis Tool Effectiveness Survey Tracker Effectiveness Analysis Pack Effectiveness Activity Guide Effectiveness Analysis Lessons Learnt Effectiveness Analysis Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.6: Communication Templates Templates Overview of Materials Pack Fact Sheet are on our way Know How Sessions it means to you you be ready you Know Target to go live
4.7: Initial Roadshows Roadshows Activity Check List Roadshow Activity Guide Roadshow Lessons Learned Roadshow Ethical Consulting Feedback Roadshow Preparation Meeting Invitation Roadshow Preparation Meeting Pre Read Roadshow Preparation Meeting Presentation Roadshow Example Presentation Roadshow Preparation Tracker Roadshow Booking Form
4..7.1.7Introductory Roadshow Review Meeting Invitation Roadshow Attendee List Roadshow Feedback Form Roadshow Feedback Analysis Tool Roadshow Analysis Pack
4.8: Business Roadshows Roadshows Activity Check List Roadshow Activity Guide Roadshow Lessons Learnt Roadshow Ethical Consulting Feedback
4.8.1: Preparation4.8.1.1Business Roadshow Preparation Meeting Invitation Roadshow Preparation Meeting Pre Read Roadshow Preparation Meeting Presentation Roadshows Presenters and Timings Roadshow Tracker Roadshow e-mail to Managers Roadshow Attendee Invitations Roadshows Introductory Presentation Roadshow Booking Form Roadshow Feedback Form Roadshow Review Meeting Invitation
4.8.2: Business Roadshows Event List
4.8.3: Post Roadshow Activity Roadshow Feedback Analysis Tool Roadshow Analysis Pack
Module 5 - Baseline Data Collection of Module Introduction to Baseline Data Collection
5.1: BDC Preparation Data Collection Preparation Meeting Activity Check List Data Collection Requirements Preparation Meeting Invitation Data Collection Preparation Meeting Pre Read Data Collection Preparation Meeting Presentation Data Collection Preparation Activity Guide Data Collection Preparation Lessons Learned Data Collection Preparation Ethical Consulting Feedback
5.1.1: BDC Post Preparation Meeting Owner Meeting invitation Map Collection workshop review and check point
5.2: Baseline Data Collection Workbooks and Pre Population Guides Data Collection Preparation Overview Workbook - Processes Workbook- Systems Workbook - Transactions Workbook - Positions and Resources Workbook - Finance Workbook - Procurement Data Collection - Assets and Buildings Data Collection Process - Pre Population Guide Data Collection System - Pre Population Guide Data Collection Transactions - Pre Population Guide Data Collection Resource -= Pre Population Guide Data Collection - Finance Pre-population Guide Data Collection - Procurement Pre-population Guide Data Collection - Assets and Buildings Pre Population Guide
5.3: Baseline Data Collection Workshop Data Collection Workshop Activity Check List Data Collection Workshop Invitation Data Collection Workshop Pre Read Data Collection Workshop Presentation Data Collection Workshop Activity Guide Data Collection Workshop Lessons Learned Data Collection Workshop Ethical Consulting Feedback
5.4: Baseline Data Collection Meetings Data Collection Meetings Activity Check List Meeting Matrix Data Collection Meeting BDC Owner Guide Data Collection Meeting Invitation Data Collection, Finance, Procurement and Assets Data Collection Process Queries Data Collection Meetings Activity Guide Data Collection Meetings Lessons Learnt Data Collection Meetings Ethical Consulting Feedback
5.5: Review Meetings Data Collection Review Meetings Activity Check List Data Collection Review Meetings Invitation Data Collection Review Report Data Collection Review Meeting Activity Guide Data Collection Review Meeting Lessons Learnt Data Collection Review Meeting Ethical Consulting Feedback
5.6: Assessment and Validation Assessment and Validation Check List Mapping Meeting Invitation Owner Baseline Data Validation Meeting Invitation Data Collection Validation Matrix Data Process Owner Validation Certificate Data Collection Assessment and Valuation Activity Guide Data Collection Assessment and Validation Lessons Learned Data Collection Assessment and Validation Ethical Consulting Feedback
5.7: Baseline Data Analysis Data Analysis Activity Check List Analysis Workbook - Systems Analysis Workbook - Transactions Analysis Workbook - Positions Analysis Workbook - Finance Analysis Workbook- Procurement Analysis Workbook - Asset and Buildings Data Analysis Activity Guide Data Analysis Lessons Learned Data Analysis Ethical Consulting Feedback
Module 6 - Business Readiness of Module
6.1: Transformation Network Launch Network Launch Activity Check List Network Launch Invitation Network Launch Pre Read Network Launch Presentation Network Weekly Summary Report Network Launch Activity Guide Network Launch Lessons Learnt Network Launch Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.2: Transformation Network Events Network Events Activity Check List Network Events Invitation Network Event Presentation Network Diagnostics Presentation Network Event Refresher Presentation Network Event Review Meeting Invitation Diagnostics Tools Presentation User Guide Thinking Questionnaire Thinking Analysis Summary Network Event Feedback Questionnaire Network Event Feedback Analysis Tool Network Event Activity Guide Network Event Lessons Learned Network Event Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.3: Change Readiness Assessment Readiness Assessment Activity Check List Readiness Assessment Invitation Readiness Assessment Pre Read Readiness Assessment Presentation Readiness Assessment Questionnaire Readiness Analysis Toolkit Readiness Assessment potential outcomes and actions Readiness Assessment Report Readiness Assessment Activity Guide Readiness Assessment Lessons Learned Readiness Assessment Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.4: Business Unit Implementation Plan Unit Implementation Plan Activity Check List Unit Implementation Plan Invitation Unit Implementation Plan Pre Read Unit Implementation Plan Presentation Unit Implementation Plan Unit Implementation Plan Activity Guide Unit Implementation Plan Lessons Learned Unit Implementation Plan Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.4.1: Business Unit Implementation Plan Review Review Activity Check List Review Invitation Review Matrix Review Feedback Unit Implementation Plan Review Activity Guide
6.4.2: Business Unit Implementation Plan - Presentation Unit Implementation Plan Presentation Activity Check List Presentation Invitation Presentation Matrix Presentation Presentation Review Meeting Invitation Presentation Assessment Report Unit Implementation Plan Presentation Activity Guide
6.5: Transformation Matrix Assessment Matrix Assessment Activity Check List Matrix Assessment Invitation
6..5.0.3Transformation Matrix Assessment Pre Read Matrix Assessment Activity Guide Matrix Assessment Lessons Learnt Matrix Assessment Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.6: Change Impact Assessment Impact Assessment Activity Check List Impact Assessment Workbook Impact Assessment Report Impact Report Impact Assessment Activity Guide Impact Assessment Lessons Learnt Impact Assessment Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.7: Process Familiarisation Familiarisation Activity Check List Familiarisation Tracker Familiarisation Meeting Invitation Familiarisation Meeting Pre Read Familiarisation Presentation Familiarisation Question Tracker Familiarisation Feedback Questionnaire Familiarisation Feedback Analysis Tool Familiarisation Feedback Pack Familiarisation Activity Guide Familiarisation Lessons Learned Familiarisation Ethical Consulting Feedback
6.8: Business Readiness Report Readiness Report Activity Check List Readiness Report Readiness Report Activity Guide Readiness Report Lessons Learnt Readiness Report Ethical Consulting Feedback
Module 7 - Business Process Management Process Management - Overview of Module Introduction to Process Management
7.1: Process Owner BPM Meeting Owner BPM Meeting Activity Check List Owner BPM Meeting invitation Owner BPM Meeting Pre Read Owner BPM Meeting Presentation Owner BPM Meeting Activity Guide Owner BPM Meeting Lessons Learned Owner BPM Meeting Ethical Consulting Feedback
7.2: Methodology Workshop Methodology Workshop Activity Check List Methodology Workshop Invitation Process Management Methodology Workshop Pre Read Process Management Methodology Presentation Day 1 Process Management Methodology Presentation Day 2 Mapping Exercise for workshop Map for Workshop Exercise Process Management Methodology Activity Guide Methodology Workshop - Lessons Learned Methodology Ethical Consulting Feedback
7.3: BPR workshop Preparation Workshop Preparation Activity Check List Workshop Invitation Workshop Pre Read Workshop Presentation Workshop Preparation and Schedule workshop Attendee Schedule Workshop Preparation Activity Guide Workshop Preparation Lessons Learned Workshop Preparation Ethical Consulting Feedback
7.4: Business Process Re-design Workshops Workshop Activity Check List Process Re-design Workshop Outcomes Follow Up Workshop Invitation Workshop Activity Guide Process Re-design Workshop Lessons Learned Process Management Workshop Ethical Consulting Feedback
7.5: Business Process Re-design Workshop Outcomes Workshop Outcomes Activity Check List Report Workshop Outcomes Activity Guide Workshop Outcomes Lessons Learnt Workshop Outcomes Ethical Consulting Feedback
7.6: Process Map Sign Off Map Sign Off Activity Guide Map Sign Off Invitation Map Sign Off Workbook Map Sign Off Activity Guide Map Sign Off Lessons Learned Map Sign Off Ethical Consulting Feedback
Module 8 - Training Overview
8.1: Training Manager Induction Manager Induction Activity Check List Manager Induction Invitation Strategy Manager Induction Activity Guide Manager Induction Lessons Learnt Manager Induction Ethical Consulting Feedback
8.2: Training Needs Analysis Needs Analysis Activity Check List Needs Analysis Document Data Sheet Meeting Invitation - Managers Meeting Invitation - End Users Questionnaire - Managers Questionnaire - End Users Needs Analysis Activity Guide Needs Analysis Lessons Learned Needs Analysis Ethical Consulting Feedback
8.3: Training Team Induction Team Induction Activity Check List Team Induction Invitation Team Induction Pre Read Team Induction Presentation Team Induction Review Meeting Invitation Team Induction Activity Guide Team Induction Lessons Learnt Team Induction Ethical Consulting Feedback
8.4: Training Templates - Coming in Phase 2! Templates Overview Course Catalogue
8,4.0.3Training Course Matrix Schedule Development Man Days Calculator Delivery Matrix
Training Trial Documents
Training Feedback Document Feedback Analysis Toolkit
Training Feedback Presentation
Trainers weekly report
Training Weekly report
Training System Data Sheet
Training system refresh strategy
Module 9 - Benefits Management Overview Introduction to Benefits Management
9.1: Initial Benefits Assessment Benefits Assessment Activity Check List Calculation Workbook Calculations Options and Guidance Benefits Assessment Activity Guide Benefits Assessment Lessons Learned Benefits Assessment Ethical Consulting Feedback
9.2: Target Benefits Meeting Benefits Meeting Activity Check List Benefits Meeting Invitation Benefits Meeting Pre-Read Benefits Meeting Presentation Benefits Meeting Outcomes Benefits Meeting Activity Guide Benefits Meeting Lessons Learned Benefits Meeting Ethical Consulting Feedback
9.3: Defined Benefit Targets Benefits Targets Activity Check List Targets Agreement Benefit Target Meeting Invitation Benefits Targets Activity Guide Benefits Targets Lessons Learned Benefits Targets Ethical Consulting Feedback
9.4: Benefits Assessment Workshop Assessment Workshop Activity Check List Assessment Workshop Invitation Assessment Workshop Pre-Read Assessment Workshop Presentation Assessment Workshop Activity Guide Assessment Workshop Lessons Learned Assessment Workshop Ethical Consulting Feedback
9.5: Benefit Assessment and Agreement Assessment and Agreement Activity Check List Profile Profile Tracker Assessment and Agreement Activity Guide Assessment and Agreement Lessons Learned Assessment and Agreement Ethical Consulting Feedback Assessment Meetings Invitations Assessment and Agreement Meeting Pre-Read Assessment Challenge Meeting Invitation Profile Outcomes
9.6: Benefit Plans and Management Plans and Management Activity Check List Management Plan Benefit Realisation Workbook on How to Create and Manage the Benefits Plans Owner Guide plans and Management Activity Guide Plans and Management Lessons Learned Plans and Management Ethical Consulting Feedback