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The Change Jigsaw™ is the product of more than 70 years experience of designing and delivering more than 120 change and transformation projects of every size imaginable in almost every business sector imaginable.

The Change Jigsaw™ has delivered more than £2.5Billion in benefits from the programmes it has supported. It is tried, tested and proven for projects of every shape and size.

Time after time after time it delivers successful outcomes.

The Change Jigsaw™ has a Return on Investment of 100% in 6 months – after one small change management project – it has paid for itself.

The Change Jigsaw™ is unique because it provides you with step-by-step guides to completing each of the tasks necessary to complete your change management project.

The Change Jigsaw™ enables you to create your own change management method for your organisation – you no longer need to buy in expensive change management expertise

The Change Jigsaw™ has been used in countless organisations of all shapes and sizes. As long as your turnover/ annual budget is in excess of £10M and you employ more than 50 people, you can use The Change Jigsaw™ to drive improvement and excellence throughout your organisation.

The Change Jigsaw™ has even contributed to putting rockets into space and satellites into orbit! But unlike rocket science, The Change Jigsaw™ is easy to use and understand!

What is The Change Jigsaw?

So you’ve probably had the external consultants in for a while – maybe even us! You’ve investigated and researched your organisation. You now know what it is you want to change or implement. You’ve made your strategy, written your business case and got it approved. You’re all set!

But how can you be sure you will achieve your objectives? How can you protect your project(s) or programme(s) against scope creep or objective/ benefit dilution? Worse still – how will you make sure that all and any changes are universally adopted and deployed consistently across your organisation? 
The Change Jigsaw™ is the tool that effortlessly overcomes all those concerns and also creates a permanent change/ transformation capacity and methodology within your organisation – meaning that you can save your valuable consultancy spend for more added-value strategic functions. 
The Change Jigsaw™ is not simply a change management methodology. It is a comprehensive easy-to-use guide that contains every single tool, accelerator, guide and step-by-step instruction you will ever need to run a change management project. Not only that, it guides you through the programme process showing what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

It is a pragmatic and practical guide in how to understand change and transformation management, how to deliver it, how to avoid the pitfalls and most importantly, is predicated on the delivery of benefits.

But the real difference-maker in The Change Jigsaw™ is the Activity Guides that walk you hand-in-hand through each of the tasks showing you what to do and how to do it. Even if you’ve never run any change management project in your life, with a modicum of common sense, you can pick up The Change Jigsaw™ and deliver a change project efficiently and effectively. 

As long as you have a few eager and enthusiastic people who are willing to learn, you do not need experienced change/ transformation managers. The Change Jigsaw™ teaches your people everything they need to know. It helps, supports and guides them through the entire process from early planning right through to benefits realisation.

You can build your own internal capacity – people may have substantive roles doing other functions – but they are trained to use the Change Jigsaw™ whenever you need it. So next time you need to run a change project, you have the resource on-hand – no going to market and paying expensive contractor fees. 

What’s more is that The Change Jigsaw™ allows you to tweak and adapt the methodology to suit your organisation’s standards and specific needs. It can become your own methodology that can become your corporate standard. So going into the future, your organisation has a single, universally adopted approach to ensuring projects are optimsed and benefits maximised.

Whether it is a small 6-month project or a huge global transformation programme lasting several years, The Change Jigsaw™ is scalable to meet every need, every situation and every circumstance. Whether it’s a massive IT implementation, an organisation wide restructuring or limited process improvement activity, The Change Jigsaw will work with – and support – any project of any nature in any environment. It is scaleable and adaptable.

The Change Jigsaw™ is applicable to every business sector and has even been deployed on projects that put satellites into space – but the tool itself is not rocket science – just simple and practical

Sensible and Practical

Whether you are starting out on a major organisational transformation programme, a short business change program – or anything in between, The Change Jigsaw™ will guide you through the process and hold your hand until you feel comfortable and confident.

There are a million great books or articles that endeavour to teach you how to become a better manager, or an inspiring leader, or a great leader of change. All of them have their value and their use – they will inspire you to make a difference to your organisation – but when you turn up at your desk the next day, do you know how to proceed at a  practical level? 

Do you know what tasks to plan and execute? Do you have the tools, templates and advice needed to make them happen. Necessarily, these products concentrate on the strategic level – which is certainly very important, but when it comes to the practical ABC of planning and running a change programme,  they are light on detail. That’s not a criticism in any way – it would be impractical to include the absolute detail as well as the strategic concepts and ideas they are trying to get across. Think of the The Change Jigsaw™ as being the opposite of that. Utterly practical and focused on actual tasks and delivery of outcomes. It is written by people who have spent their entire career successfully designing and delivering transformation programmes. So we’re going to let you into a secret that we think you already know – 

There is nothing terribly complicated or difficult about running a change management programme. It is, very simply, the application of common sense to experience

You bring the common sense – The Change Jigsaw™ will give you the experience.

The Change Jigsaw is utterly unique – there is nothing like it on the market – and its extended value is that it allows you to meld the methodology to suit your organisation – and then grow with it!

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