Introducing the Change Jigsaw

A genuine revolution in the optimisation of benefits from all projects and programmes

The facts about why projects fail:

94.8% of projects fail to achieve optimised benefits because they do not address the required business change
93% of organisations do not have a repeatable change methodology and rely on external consultants to bring the ‘how to do this’ knowledge
96% of bought-in resource exits the organisation without ever investing their knowledge/ experience in the client organisation
As a result, 92% of organisations continue to buy-in resource unnecessarily every time they want to run a change programme
As a result, you get what you are given, not what you need
No change management process = benefits targets are not realised

Data sources: Applied analysis of data from multiple sources and reports including ONS, LGA, ALG, the former Audit Commission, OFSTED, GDS, other HM Government sources, Industry reports, Sector analysis, more than 250 programme review reports across all business sectors, ECL data and ECL analysis.

Evidence demonstrates that -

Deploying a change management process as an integral element of any project/programme increases benefits realisation by an average of 55%
Developing an in-house change/ transformation capability enables a strong organisation-wide repeatable process which pays for itself many times over
Developing an in-house change/ transformation capability avoids repeatedly going to the expensive contractor market for expertise – which has zero residual value to your organisation

Allows you to use genuine Change /Transformation experts for where their real value lies – in diagnosing problems and identifying opportunities for improvement

The Change Jigsaw (TM)

Provides you with every single tool and skill you will ever need to optimise your project outcomes and maximise your benefits
Is the methodology behind the achievement of £2.5 Billion of evidenced and audited business benefits
Is the product of more than 70 years experience of designing and delivering more than 120 change and transformation projects of every size imaginable in almost every business sector imaginable
Its core principle is to create your change/ transformation methodology that you own and works for you. It’s an investment you own – not one that walks out the door once a project is finished
Has a return on investment of 100% in 6 months – one small project where instead of hiring in a contractor, you use your own people and The Change Jigsaw and it’s paid for itself
Has all the tools, advice, guidance, accelerators, guides, presentation packs – every single tool you will ever need to run a successful change/ transformation programmes

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